Where Are You Allowed To Smoke Your Electric Cigarette

Do you know that the smoking ban might not necessarily pertain to your electric cigarette, but you still might have trouble convincing some people of this. Since it is not made of tobacco, it is not considered a real cigarette. Have you ever seen one? They are the same size and color, but they have a light that comes on when you take a drag off of one. You do not have to use any matches or lighters as this is a battery operated device to help this person using them to get the same nicotine as a cigarette without the tar or the hundreds of chemicals. It is said by the many people using them that they are great.

You do not have to pay for so many packs of cigarettes once you try the e-cigarette. You probably go to the store and buy one or two packs a day. In one week you will have bought 5 to 10 packs. When you start using this e-cigarette as it is called, you will be spending about two dollars per filter, but each filter is approximately 15 -20 cigarettes. One filter on the end of it will almost equal a pack. Since you do not have to light this smoking device, you can take a puff or two and put it in your pocket until you need to use it again. You will not burn up an e-cigarette like you will one of the real ones. With each puff, you will receive water vapor, nicotine, and a taste of tobacco flavor satisfying this crave. When you are done you just put it back in your pocket.

Since the ban on cigarettes came about, smokers have tried to find ways to either cut down on using real tobacco cigarettes or quit altogether. Most of you have probably tried and failed. These e-cigarettes are legal and you can use them in some places that a normal cigarette would be banned. You might be able to use them in bars and other establishments providing the proprietor approves it. With these you do not receive all of the nasty chemicals that you will receive from the tobacco cigarettes. You will also not be sending any secondhand smoke as you only put a water vapor back in the air that everyone around you is breathing.

In most cases this water vapor will evaporate before the others around you even know it is there. The only reason they might know you have it going is the light on the front of the e-cigarette and that you have this item in your mouth. If you want one of these for yourself, you can go to the e-cigarette websites to look it over and think it over.